A NY Prom Limo Service That Helps Build Fantastic Memories

A NY Prom Limo Service That Helps Build Fantastic Memories

Prom is one of those things that only rolls around a few times during a person’s life. It’s an event you want to remember for the rest of your lives. It also creates an interesting division between parents and their kids.

The kids want to go out and have a great time. The parents want to know that the kids will be safe. With Armonk Limo’s prom services, everyone’s happy.

For Prom Attendees

Our prom services include the use one of our elegant white stretch limos (or any other type of car in your fleet if the limo doesn’t quite suit your personal style.) The cars are designed to handle a large group of friends and come fully stocked with all the amenities contemporary high school students need to be happy as they travel to and from prom.

We assure you that you’ll not only have a night to remember, but you’ll show up everywhere you need to be and that you’ll be on time and in style. You can count on us to drive you from your home, to dinner, to prom and to the after prom celebration.

For Parents

Parents, we know you’re entrusting us with the most precious thing in your whole world. We promise, we won’t do anything to break that trust. Everyone involved in our prom NY limo service is serious about safety. Each prom limo is always up-to-date on all its maintenance needs and is thoroughly inspected before it leaves for the night out.

We scrutinize each driver before hiring them to drive our prom limos, doing a through interview, background check, and driving test before welcoming them to our team. In addition to requiring that they remain fully licensed and insured, they’re also subjected to unexpected drug tests. Each of our drivers is friendly, polite, and 100 percent committed to providing their passengers with a safe, enjoyable night out.

Book Your Prom Limo Today

Prom nights are extremely busy for local limo service so you’ll want to set up your ride as quickly as possible to ensure you have a ride to the big event. Booking your prom limo doesn’t get any easier. Simply give us a call. We’ll ask a few simple questions and arrange a pick-up time and location. Once everything is set up and entered into our computer system, you can count on us to arrive on time and prepared to transport you to your prom.

Our prom services are available to all students in the Tri-State area.

Contact us today to learn more about our high quality, reliable NY prom limo service. You’ll be glad you did!